Travel Support

IAPSO can, if funds are available, give support to scientists/students making presentations at an Assembly or a Workshop arranged or co-sponsored by IAPSO.

The support can be a grant for registration fee, housing and meals.

Support is at first given to scientists/students from developing countries. 

Scientists/students from other countries are requested to apply from national sources but can occasionally receive grants for registration fees in order to increase the possibility to receive a national travel support. Applications are ranked by the convenor of the symposium to which the abstract is submitted.

Decisions are taken by the IAPSO President, Secretary General and Treasurer, and handled by the Treasurer.

Preference is given to individuals who have not recently received a grant. In the case of those applications from developed countries for partial support, preference is given to students and young scientists.

Information about applications for support to attend assemblies, arranged or co-sponsored by IAPSO, is usually posted at the assembly website.