Committees and Members


The authority of IAPSO is vested in member countries and exercised collectively by their delegates while meeting during the General Assembly. The President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer and Executive Board members are elected. Over the years, many internationally distinguished scientists have occupied, and continue to occupy, these offices.

The Bureau

The Bureau of the Association shall consist of the President, Past President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer. Its duties shall be to conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with the decisions of the foregoing meetings of the delegates. It shall prepare the Agenda for meetings of delegates. With the advice of the Association Executive Committee, it shall prepare the scientific program for Assemblies.

The Executive Committee

Delegates from countries having Members shall elect eight persons who, together with the President, immediate Past President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, and Treasurer, shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association.

The Executive Committee may establish Association Commissions, Working Groups or Services to address particular scientific areas of oceanography, and may abolish such Commissions, Working Groups and Services by a majority vote of the Executive Committee members. The Executive Committee may also approve Association participation in joint Commissions, Working Groups and Services with other Associations or scientific bodies, and may withdraw Association participation by a majority vote of the Association Executive Committee members.

Members and National Correspondents

A country, or formally Adhering Organizations in the country, can be a Member, not an individual. The member is represented by an appointed National Correspondent.

Members of IAPSO are the Adhering Organizations of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), see below. National Committees of IUGG, or equivalent organizations representing the adhering organizations, may appoint National Correspondents who normally serve as delegates to the IAPSO business meetings held in conjunction with IAPSO Assemblies. Alternate delegates may be appointed in the event that the listed correspondents are unable to attend.

Countries in which "independent activity in geodesy and geophysics has been developed" may establish an Adhering Organization/Body and seek membership in IUGG.