1. IAPSO recommends that the IUGG establishes a "Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability" which addresses scientific challenges along the lines of IDNDR.
  2. IAPSO supports the development of integrated global geophysical networks and encourages the active participation of physical oceanography.
  3. IAPSO supports the formation of a "Joint IAG/IAPSO Special Study Group on the Geodetic Effects of Non-Tidal Processes" - as proposed by Richard Gross/IAG.
  4. IAPSO encourages the participation of the other Associations of IUGG in the forthcoming "Joint Assemblies of IAPSO and IABO," Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 2001.
  5. IAPSO proposes the establishment of a "Joint Commission on Groundwater-Seawater Interactions."
  6. IAPSO recommends a data base of Global Undersea Pressures(GLOUP) be established under the auspices of the IAPSO Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level.
  7. IAPSO endorses the establishment of a Steering Working Groupfor Sea Level related to Climate, jointly with Global Sea LevelObserving System of the IOC, and other interested bodies.
  8. IAPSO recommends that IAPSO and IAG establish a joint working group for scientific advice and the promotion of geodetic fixing of the tide gauge benchmarks of the Global Sea Level Observing System and regional networks.
  9. IAPSO recommends that IAPSO, in association with IAG, and through the IUGG, encourages NASA and ESA to energetically pursue their GRACE and GOCE geodetic missions for the determination of the permanent component of ocean circulation.