The Eugene LaFond Medal

Eugene LaFond Medal recipient 2015

The 2015 Eugene LaFond Medal is awarded to Dr. Sana Ben Ismail from Tunisia for her oral presentation "Surface circulation features along the Tunisian coast (central Mediterranean sea): the Atlantic Tunisian current". This presentation was delivered on July 1, 2015 within the IAPSO symposium "Physics and Biogeochemistry of Semi-Enclosed and Shelf Seas" during the IUGG 2015 General Assembly “Earth and Environmental Sciences for Future Generations” in Prague, Czech Republic.

Using in situ and satellite data, combined with numerical modelling, the work provides insight into the dynamics of the Tunisian branch of the Atlantic inflow and associated mesoscale features and instabilities. The research substantially contributes to the study of exchanges between coastal and offshore waters in a key region of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a step forward in the quantification of the exchanges between the Western and Eastern Mediterranean Sea and provides information in a poorly explored area of great societal interest.