The Prince Albert I Medal

Albert I medal pictureIn partnership with the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans, Prince Rainier of Monaco has established the Prince Albert I Medal in the physical and chemical sciences of the oceans. This medal is named in honor of the late Prince Albert I of Monaco who, in 1919, organized the Oceanography Section of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. He also served as first president of that section. The medal is awarded biannually by IAPSO at its Assemblies.

One year prior to each IAPSO Assembly, the Secretary General of IAPSO will call for nominations for the award. Nominations must be sent to the Secretary General within three months after the announcement.

Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2021 – Prof. Carl Wunsch

21 CarlWunschProf. Carl Wunsch, Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physical Oceanography, Emeritus, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2021, in recognition of his groundbreaking contributions to the development of modern physical oceanography.

Prof. Wunsch pioneered the use of satellite altimetry, was the intellectual and creative driving force behind the World Ocean Circulation Experiment, established the modern practice of global ocean state estimation to synthesize observations and models, contributed seminal studies to improve our understanding of the global ocean circulation and its role in climate, and with Walter Munk, invented acoustic ocean tomography and established the contemporary paradigm of the global overturning circulation as a mechanically-driven phenomenon.

His commitment to education produced a list of former students, postdoctoral researchers, and collaborators that reads like a Who's Who of Physical Oceanography.

mp4 icon Award Ceremony and Memorial Lecture