Prince Albert I Medal

The Prince Albert I Medal is an award offered by the Foundation Rainier III of Monaco to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the enhancement and advancement of the physical and/or chemical sciences of the oceans. It is awarded every two years to a most prominent scientist chosen by a specially appointed IAPSO Award Committee. One year prior to each IAPSO Assembly, the Secretary General of IAPSO will call for nominations for the award. Nominations must be sent to the Secretary General within three months after the announcement.

  • Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2019

Dr. Corinne Le Quéré, FRS, Professor of Climate Change Science at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, and Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (2011-2018), is the Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2019: 'For her fundamental contributions to our understanding of ocean biogeochemistry and global carbon cycling, and her work to quantify the ocean's role in the uptake of global carbon emissions'.

The Award ceremony, led by Dr. Denise Smythe-Wright, President of IAPSO, will take place on July 12, 2019, at the IUGG 2019 General Assembly in Montreal, during which Dr. Le Quéré will deliver the Albert I Memorial Lecture

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The Prince Albert I Medal

Eugene LaFond Medal

The Eugene LaFond Medal shall be awarded to an ocean scientist from a developing country making a presentation (poster or oral) in a IAPSO-sponsored or co-sponsored symposium at the IUGG or IAPSO assemblies.

The Eugene LaFond Medal 2019 will be awarded at the next IUGG General Assembly, which will be held in Montreal, Canada, July 8 - 18, 2019.

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The Eugene LaFond Medal

IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal

This award honours Early Career Scientists for their outstanding research in the physical or chemical sciences of the oceans, and for their cooperation in international research. The IAPSO Early Career Scientist Medal is presented by the IAPSO President, every two years, at the biannual IAPSO Assembly, where the Awardee will be expected to give a talk on a scientific topic of their choice. Financial assistance to attend the Assembly will be available.

The 2019 Medal will be awarded on Friday July 12, during the IUGG General Assembly which will be held in Montreal, Canada, 8 – 18 , July 2019.

The call for nominations closed on 31 January, 2019. There have been 12 nominations and the ECS Award Committee will publish the winner(s) by 1 March, 2019.

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