IAPSO Annual Reports

1995 IAPSO General Assembly










The General Assembly of IAPSO held in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 1995 was the largest and involved the greatest number of countries in the history of IAPSO. A substantial effort, spanning three years of preparations had been made to include all known working oceanographers in the world in the IAPSO mailing list and to implement an up-to-date, PC based data base.

The Honolulu General Assembly included 13 symposia and two workshops. The Symposia were:

Large-Scale Ocean Circulation
Decadal and Interdecadal Variations in the Ocean
(Co-sponsored by the IOC)
Circulation of Marginal Seas and Semi-Enclosed Seas
Coastal Ocean (A): Interaction with the Open Ocean
Coastal Ocean (B): Interaction with the Adjacent Land
Carbon Dioxide in the Oceans
Air-Sea-Ice Interactions and High-Latitude Ocean Processes
Dynamics of the Open Ocean from New Satellites
(Co-sponsored by the IAG)
Marine Dispersion
Spatial Structure of Short Ocean Waves
Physical, Chemical, & Geological Oceanography; Poster/Precis
Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling: TOGA/COARE
(Co-sponsored by IAMAS and IAHS)
Internal Waves & Small-Scale Turbulence in the Oceans, Lakes & Atmosphere
(Co-sponsored by IAMAS)


Other meetings having IAPSO participation and/or support in 1995

The Working Group on Laboratory Modelling of Dynamic Processes in the Ocean's meeting entitled "Boundary Effects in Stratified and/or Rotating Fluids," St. Petersburg, Russia, June 6-8, 1995

IAPSO Commission on Mean Sea Level and Tides joint workshop with the IOC Global Sea Level Observing System Group of Experts in Bordeaux, France, January 1995

The Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level took part in an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Lead Authors meeting in Brighton, UK, 1995