IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups

IAPSO sent out a call (in early September 2019) to fund Best Practice Study Groups (Read the Call).

These will address an issue that, when resolved, will assist in the conduct of oceanographic research. Often in carrying out research, a choice must be made between options for measuring data, analysing data, processing software, or modelling a system. The reasons for choosing between competing methods are often not well documented and the relative strengths and weaknesses of these routes not published or well known. Each IAPSO Best Practice Study Group will receive up to US$10,000 towards the costs of a meeting. We expect to fund one of these per year.

IAPSO received nine proposals, and the five members of the evaluation committee felt that most of these were of a very high calibre and deserving of funding. However, we were only able to fund two in this first round and the selected proposals are:

1) The proposal must be presented and signed by a group of researchers from different countries? Can be presented and signed by a group of researchers from one country only, or by one researcher?

The proposal must have the consent of a group of researchers from different countries. Can be presented by one researcher indicating the members (with countries and expertise) of the Study group. 

2) The proposed issue should necessarily produce recomendations that represent an advance for the whole oceanographic community or it can be produce new recomendations to be applied to some regional community?

If it is a regional problem, that's fine. Could the solution perhaps be exported to a wider level later?

3) This type of proposals for IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups will take place in further years too?

We plan to lunch a call for IAPSO Best Practice Study Groups every two years to support 2 groups during this time.