The Prince Albert I Medal

Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2015

Toshio Yamagata

15 Toshio YamagataToshio Yamagata, Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo and Director of Application Laboratory, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Yokohama City 236-0001, Japan, is the Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2015: ‘For his ground-breaking work and exceptional contribution to our understanding of El Niño/Southern Oscillation and the newly discovered Indian Ocean Dipole’.

Toshio Yamagata, is a pioneer and leader in ocean-atmosphere interaction dynamics, who has made ground-breaking contributions to our understanding of climate variability. In his early career he made fundamental contributions to this emerging field of research and introduced the concept of coupled ocean-atmospheric instability. He showed that when the two media meet, their interaction gives rise to new instabilities that in many aspects, resemble El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Subsequently, he has profoundly influenced work on tropical ocean-atmosphere interactions and tropical climate variability and predictability. In a landmark paper in Nature in 1999, he and his group published a seminal paper entitled “A dipole mode in tropical Indian Ocean” that has fundamentally changed our understanding of the role of the Indian Ocean in climate variability. This work essentially created a new subfield of tropical climate research and laid the foundation for seasonal climate predictions in the Indian Ocean sector.

In short his contribution toward expanding our understanding of the oceans and climate system are truly exceptional, he is a very worthy recipient of the 8th Prince Albert I Medal.

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