The Prince Albert I Medal

Nomination Procedure

One year prior to each IAPSO Assembly, the Secretary General of IAPSO will call for nominations for the Award.

Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary General of IAPSO after the call for nominations and within three months from the announcement. 

The person accepting the medal is expected to deliver a Prince Albert I Memorial lecture on an oceanographic subject of his or her choosing at the Assembly where the medal is to be conferred. IAPSO will cover the necessary travel expenses for this purpose.

The following requirements for nominations must be adhered to:

1. The nomination must be for significant work of recognised international relevance in the physical and/or chemical sciences of the oceans, as defined in the IAPSO Statutes and By-Laws. Work in other scientific areas will not be considered and should not be cited.

2. IAPSO does not accept self-nominations. For purposes of definition, nominations solicited by a nominee are considered self-nominations.

3. Nominations must come from individuals who are themselves well qualified in the physical and/or chemical sciences of the oceans, and are thus capable of judging the merits of work in these areas.

4. Nominations must be "at arms length", i.e., they must be from individuals who are not directly employed by the nominee, and are not otherwise engaged in research of any kind under the general direction of the nominee.

5. Nominators are responsible for extracting and editing the material accompanying their nomination. Excessively long attachments may be discarded by the Award Committee.

6. Nominations must be signed by the nominator, and must indicate his or her present position and address; if retired, the position last held and the year of retirement must be indicated. Nominations will be submitted by e-mail to the Secretary General of IAPSO.

A complete nomination package should include:

* a cover letter which states why the person nominated is worthy of the award (about 100 words - this is essentially a citation);

* the nominee's CV, consisting of 2-3 pages about education, positions, awards, research interests, services to the community, etc., and another 2-3 pages listing the most important publications;

* 3 letters of support.