The Prince Albert I Medal

Prince Albert I Medal recipient 2009

Prof. Harry L. Bryden

09 DrHarryBrydenProfessor Harry L. Bryden FRS, University of Southampton, UK, has been awarded the 2009 Prince Albert I Medal of IAPSO, " recognition of his fundamental contributions to understanding the ocean's role in the global climate system."

Professor Bryden is the pre-eminent deep ocean observational physical oceanographer of the past twenty years. His research addresses problems of global significance and has made major contributions to our knowledge of ocean heat and freshwater transports and their role in global climate. His eclectic research interests embrace the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, the circulation of the Mediterranean, the dynamics of western boundary currents, straits and overflows, and ocean thermodynamics. His status as an observational scientist and as an inspirational mentor to younger scientists make him a most fitting recipient of the Prince Albert I Medal.