Awards and Honors


The Prince Albert I Medal is an award offered by the Foundation Rainier III of Monaco to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the enhancement and advancement of the physical and/or chemical sciences of the oceans. It is awarded every two years to a most prominent scientist chosen by a specially appointed IAPSO Award Committee. The call for nominations for the Prince Albert I Medal 2017 is open from 25 August to 24 November 2016 (Call).

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The Prince Albert I Medal

The Eugene LaFond Medal shall be awarded to an ocean scientist from a developing country making a presentation (poster or oral) in a IAPSO-sponsored or co-sponsored symposium at the IUGG or IAPSO assemblies.

The Eugene LaFond Medal 2017 will be awarded at the IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA Joint Assembly "Good Hope for Earth Sciences", Cape Town, South Africa, August 27– September 1, 2017

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The Eugene LaFond Medal